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Profit/Loss Analysis

Year Month Type    
Monthly food & bar revenue Enter Revenue Details Bottom Line Analysis  
Monthly expenses Enter Expenses Details Profit/loss point (Bottom Line)
Number of seats    
Number of days open in month Seat Analysis  
Total covers/people in month   Monthly          Daily
    Revenue per seat
    Expenses per seat
    Variance per seat
    Daily Analysis  
    Daily break even point
    Average covers/people daily
    Necessary revenue per cover/person
    Actual average check based on monthly sales
    Variance in the average check

Profit/Loss Analysis -> Enter Revenue Details

Year Month Type
Food revenue
Bar revenue
Total food & bar revenue

Profit/Loss Analysis -> Enter Expenses Details

Year Month Type
Semi-Variable & Fixed Expenses
Rent fixed/Mortgage
Electrical bill
Water & Sewage
Total Occupancy Costs
Common area costs
Repairs & Maintance
Taxes & Licenses
Equipment Lease
Office Supplies
Cleaning Supplies
Bank Charges & Interest
Line of Credit Interest
Sign Rental
Manager's salary
Total fixed expenses as cost
Prime Costs
Food cost
Percent food cost
Total kitchen & service labour
Labour benefits paid by company
Total Labour Cost
Total Percent labour
Total food & labour costs
Total Percent food & labour
Bar costs
Percent bar cost
Total prime costs
Percent prime cost
Total monthly expenses
Total percent cost of sales