Introduction to Dumpster Dive

The Menu Tools Dumpster Dive is a reality check on how much net profit goes out with your garbage every day and bolsters the results with a calculation of how many dollars in gross sales you need to generate to recover those losses. The results of the Dumpster Dive can assist you in helping your staff respect the value of your products and adjust procedures. Menu Tools recommends that this Analysis be done on a weekly basis.

Going through your garbage seems like a nasty process but a valuable and eye-opening one. Be sure to wear protective gloves when sorting garbage. Empty garbage onto an open surface and identify and sort items into food and non-food areas. Using the Menu Tools template list your findings using per unit values. Menu Tools will calculate your findings and present you with the results. Save these results and compare on a regular basis. You will learn how to stop throwing out profits and replace it with throwing out bad habits!

Introduction to Work Sheet

The purpose of the Dumpster Dive is to change attitudes toward the true value of product along with the reality that it takes $1.00 in gross sales to recover a 5 CENT or 5% profit margin.

This exercise is recommended weekly. The exercise is intended to assist the staff in understanding how their actions can impact the bottom line.

IMPORTANT - when this exercise is conducted, only items that would have been worthy of quality service should be considered.