Menu Tools

 Menu Maestro®.

 Our sophisticated yet easy to use food and menu costing tool.

The monthly hosting fee is 39.95 (15% sales tax applicable)
Available unrestricted for a 30 day trial period.

Available by subscription this web-based application is available to subscribers and trial users from anywhere they can log onto the internet.
Secure, simple, and complete, the Menu Maestro® is a foodservice standard as necessary as paying customers to any foodservice venue wishing to understand true costs and increase profits.

Included in the Menu Maestro®.
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Product Entry Tool
  • Best Yield Value
  • Batch Recipe Costing
  • Menu Item Costing
  • Menu Sales Mix
  • Banquet Forecaster
  • Buffet Analysis
  • Dumpster Dive
  • Food Cost Improvement Checklist
  • Canadian Operating Ratios
  • Pre-entered Data base (products, batch recipes, and menu items already entered for your use)
  • Unlimited storage capabilities for menu items, batch recipes, products and more
* The development and expansion of our Menu Maestro® is ongoing. Included with your subscription are all updates and additions. No downloading, no fiddling, they will just appear as bonus additions to your personal Maestro!

Data Inputting Assistance

Not enough time or patience to input your basic data, Menu Tools will do it for you!

Many of our customers just need a little helping hand with the initial data entry. Like most things in life, it’s the getting started that’s difficult. Let us help. E-mail, fax or snail mail your raw data (product lists and costs, batch recipes, menu items and menus) and we will enter them for you. Then you can play with costs, recipe variables and menu mixes and add new batch recipes, menu items, menus, etc until your hearts content. We can enter just some or all of your data.

Pricing for this service is tailored to your needs and numbers. Contact us and we’ll work out a solution just for you!


Our own Chef McKay is available to assist you in maximizing your foodservice profits.

Whether you need a little help getting started, or a lot of help understanding purchasing, pricing, food and labour costing or even setting up the optimum layout of your kitchen Chef McKay can help.

Our Diagnostic Plan is a good way to start especially if you are not sure what you need.

Training, planning and troubleshooting are among his proven strengths. Available by appointment please contact Menu Tools to book yours now.